Our new PvE DayZ Standalone Server is now live!
Wipes are every three months. Leaderboards are under development.
See you server-side
– PDG.Karma

Server Connection Info
IP: Port: 7215

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Premium Servers, Stable Mods,
Online Admins

How our server is configured

Stable Mods

Carefully tested and customized

Customized Settings

Balancing fun and challenge

Quarterly Wipes

Avoid boredom and burnout

Premium Equipment

High Uptime, Low-Ping, No Lag

Admin Protected

Actively Removing Toxic Players

Modular Progression

New Features with each wipe

Achievement Leaderboards

Friendly PvE competition

Daily Backups

Avoid loss of progress

Join our community of active, friendly,
and collaborative players.

  • Custom Traders

  • Trader Safezones

  • Loot > Sell > Buy > Build

  • ATMs and Currency

  • Multiple Trader Locations

  • AI Patrols

  • Lootable Weapons and Armor

  • Customized AI Hostility

  • DayZ fun in a PvE server